Recycled Sari Twine Recycled Sari Twine Recycled Sari Twine

Recycled Sari Twine

A 25m ball of twine made from colourful recycled cotton saris in Bangladesh. Produced at Bagdha Enterprises by a group of women trained to make hemp rope and twine in the long standing tradition of Bengal rope makers.

The small workshops that create these products are managed by the not-for-profit, Prokritee, sourcing the finest crafts from small villages and co-ops in Bangladesh, who would normally not have the means to trade in this manner. Prokritee is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organisation. One of their main missions is to develop the social and economic capacity of poor, rural, disadvantaged women in Bangladesh by creating productive employment opportunities and sustainable linkages to world market.

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We love that each one of these balls of twine are completely unique and have their own personality and history. Please note the yarn you receive will most likely be a different colour than the ones pictured here.

$8.50 NZD