The Edit by Charles Ninow

Charles Ninow is one half of the duo behind Bowerbank Ninow, an art gallery space and auction house based on Karangahape Rd in Auckland City. Bowerbank Ninow is the first and only auction house in New Zealand to pay a voluntary resale royalty to living artists whose works they sell. Their upcoming triannual auction - happening Wednesday 9th August from 6.30pm - is loosely tied to a drawing theme, and is a great way to start or grow your art collection. Click here to view the auction catalogue online. As part of our ongoing series, Charles shared with us some insight into five of his favourite Everyday Needs pieces.


01 Iron bottle opener // $59

I love to drink beer. The experience is so much better when it is initiated with a well-designed opener.


02 Arnold Circus stool by Martino Gamper // $230

Martino Gamper’s work is amazing. I saw the most recent exhibition of his project 100 Chairs in 100 Days at Wellington’s City Gallery earlier this year and came away in awe.


03 Vitra toolbox // $110

I often personally deliver the artworks I sell. It’s nice to to see the collections that they go into. This toolbox is a great for keeping picture-hanging essentials on hand.


04 Japanese wooden beer glass // $79

I can still remember the first time that I was served beer in one of these glasses. They feel so light and soft in the hand. It really left an impression on me.


05 Isobel Thom salt pig // $375

I first encountered Isobel Thom’s work whilst I was studying at Elam School of Fine Arts. At the time, she was making very small cubist paintings in grey tones. I have admired her work ever since.


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The Edit by Sherie Rai

Our friend Sherie Rai is the woman behind Sherie Muijs, a unique local fashion brand with a cult-like emphasis on one staple garment: the shirt. Sherie has perfected her line of classic button-downs, and has recently introduced a simple cotton long sleeved tee, which we love. Sherie lives in Titirangi, West Auckland with her husband and 15 month old son, Nishi. We spoke to Sherie about her most used Everyday Needs pieces. 


01 Sans [ceuticals] Activator 7 Hair, Face + Body Oil // $56

I was first introduced to Sans Body Oil for my belly during pregnancy and I have continued to use it absolutely everywhere and every day since! Applied post shower and pre towel dry it leaves me smelling sweet and nutty and well seasoned for the day.


02 Ruth Castle garlic basket // $139 - $199

I've recently taken a back seat on the cooking front as my husband has a new-found passion for it. In saying that, I've found mincing cloves of garlic a helpful task for when he gets home, being a staple ingredient to almost every meal. I like the idea of fresh garlic in arms reach and hanging pretty in my kitchen. Hands up for the next run of these!


03 Handcrafted Modern by Leslie Williamson // $95

This book was gifted to me by a friend and I've perused it's pages plenty of times since. I'm particularly interested in architecture and interiors, and have a habit of living vicariously through beautiful photography of notable houses such as these.


04 Arnold Circus stool by Martino Gamper // $230

It's the perfect seat for additional bottoms at the dinner table or as a stool when chasing the sun in our back garden.


05 Toast tongs // $14

Toast is a daily pleasure and these tongs are a life saver!


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The Edit | Mothers Day

To celebrate Mothers Day on Sunday 14th May, we are honoured to share a special Edit featuring five of our favourite women. These wonderful mothers offered insights into their most loved and well used Everyday Needs pieces - we hope it gives you some ideas for gifts for your mum this year.

A big thank you to all the hard-working women out there! xx


Mahsa Willis - Mum to Lola, 10 and Nico, 8 // Wool and linen blend coverlet, $795

My children and I love comfort and texture, all three of us have our favourite textures to live with, both children had snuggies and tuggies, which were randomly hand-picked by them, either my old cashmere or satin slips. This beautiful timeless blanket is just that, it's big enough so we can all get under it, it's soft with the wool and linen component and it fits well within my crafted interior; it’s simplicity and texture caught my eye immediately. It reminds me of blankets my mother and my grandmother had and still have - a piece to be loved and shared, featuring in family photos and memories, to be passed on through the generations.


Louise Simpson - Mum to Poppy, 3 // Liberty kimono robe, $395

One of my earliest memories of my mum was her wrapped in a 70's cream satin robe that had lace trim, and I was passing her metal pins as she twirled her hair around heated rollers. Mum's robe is one of those comfortingly feminine pieces that I associate with home and precious times shared with her.

Now I am a mum, and am so excited to have recently developed a stunning robe with the Everyday Needs team that I know I will wear for years to come. Often I get the midnight call from our 3 year old daughter Poppy - needing either a reassuring cuddle or wanting to talk me through one of her elaborate, imaginative dreams - and being able to slip quickly into this robe is bliss. It is perfectly weighted, constructed from a natural cotton and wool blend to make it just that little bit cosier as the nights are cooling.


Alethea Nathan - Mum to Taikura, 2 // Arnold Circus stool, $230

I’ve been eyeing up an Arnold Circus stool for a while now so was delighted when a couple of girlfriends treated me to an Everyday Needs gift voucher for my birthday. It’s bold, versatile, robust, modern, fun and most importantly - toddler proof. No need to be precious with this one. And it's the perfect shade of yellow.


Katie Ward - Mum to Grey, 3 and Stepmum to Joe, 8 // Hario glass teapot, $74

Pots of tea bring people together.


Christine Robson - Mum to Cassandra, 28, George, 21 and Paige, 19. Grandmother to Skylar, 5 months // Michael Ruh handblown carafe and glass set, $379

I had been looking out for a carafe for some time because I always have a glass of water next to my bedside. When I saw the striking Michael Ruh hand blown lilac carafe with two smokey grey glasses I had to have them. They make me smile - function and beauty, how lovely!

The Edit by Gidon Bing

We have been working with Gidon Bing since the inception of Everyday Needs. Gidon is an Auckland based artist whose work has its roots firmly in modernism and the Avant Garde. His extensive line of ceramics has a distinctive touch that is both handmade and refined. We are happy to have Gidon's perfect dinnerware range now available online, with all pieces made-to-order. Click here to browse Gidon's pieces online.


Gidon shared with us an Edit of his favourite design objects from the Everyday Needs offering. 


01 Japanese wooden cup with handle // $79

"The definition of good design – when nothing can be added without detracting."


02 Wooden muesli bowl // $29

"An exceptionally well proportioned vessel that becomes even more beautiful as a patina develops over time and with use."


03 Hinoki bathroom tray // $49

"A modest but perfectly formed piece of practical, traditional Japanese joinery."


04 Handmade copper grater // $85

"Beautiful, practical and perfect for sugarcane and ginger infused vodka."


05 Hinoki bathroom stool // $169

"A well crafted, traditional design that is so timeless it remains modern."


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The Edit by Amy Yalland


Our friend Amy Yalland is one half of design studio, Index. Amy and her partner Jonty Valentine are graphic designers specialising in publications. Known for their beautiful work with risograph printing; they often print their work in-house. Amy & Jonty have a work-live space in industrial Henderson which they have renovated themselves. We visited on a rainy afternoon and took some pictures of their Everyday Needs pieces in-situ, click here to view the pictures. We also spoke to Amy about her five favourite pieces from our offering.


01 Ruth Castle garlic basket // $139 - $199
We have our garlic basket hanging by a nail that goes through a hole in the Lundia we use as kitchen shelves. Every time I see it I am happy.


02 Iris Hantverk dish brush // $35
Smells like horse… The long angled shape of the head means it can reach into my tall glasses I use for juice, and get the turmeric stains out. Since we have open shelves in our kitchen, everything is ‘out’ and I don’t have to hide this one like I would a plastic brush.


03 Wooden Doormat with Bristles // $129
Gives great scraping action to get the dirt off the soles of our boffer boots (which I am always wearing). Hardy as, and I like how it introduces timber into our space as soon as you step inside.


04 Iris Handverk toilet brush & roll holder set // $163
A twosome that looks totally natural in our industrial space, on our concrete floor. I love things in pairs. On a practical level too, the brush works far better than ones we’ve used in the past.


05 Reverse Umbrella // $109
My absolute favourite orange. Doesn’t wet the car seats when you have to chuck it inside after a downpour! And when you’re inside it, everything glows…


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Pictures for The Edit and The Everyday by Neeve Woodward.

The Edit by Ophelia & Ryder

The Edit by Ophelia & Ryder

This year to celebrate Valentines Day we are focusing on love for our ongoing series, The Edit. We are happy to feature our good friends Ophelia Mikkelson and Ryder Jones. Ophelia and Ryder are wonderful artists and makers who are to be married in March. They each shared with us five of their most loved pieces from the Everyday Needs offering.


01 Stanley thermos // $85

R: Every morning I walk from our room to put the kettle on without seeing, the light goes red and I put a dry tea bag in the mouth of the thermos, sometimes I seal it up if I have to leave the house, or leave it open if I stay. It makes this satisfying noise when I open it, like a miniature exhale and the smell of tea comes out.

O: We don’t have a teapot yet, so the thermos is our teapot. We take it everywhere, it’s filled with Earl Grey, always.


02 Brass contour keyring // $39

R: I clip the key ring to my belt so I don’t lose my keys. I used to wear a wallet chain but this is better because it’s short enough not to touch your knee while driving the car. When I’m walking I sound like a dull bell clinking.

 O: I have four brothers and six nephews; this is a lot of boys. The key ring is a very, very good present for boys in particular if you’re stuck. I am never stuck though, presents for boys are my specialty now, I’ve had 25 years of training. We are getting these for our groomsmen to gift to them on our wedding day!


03 Recycled sari twine // $8.50

O: When I was little I studied Indian dance at school. My sari was yellow. I loved the feeling of wearing it and the way colours in fabric intertwined into each other making textures in the silk. This twine is made from recycled sari by a group of woman that trained in rope making. I love to think of the hands that made it when I use it. I use the twine for lots of different things - for wrapping and packaging up the socks I make and for tying tomatoes to their stakes.


04 Cast iron bottle opener - clover // $59

R: I like to put a beer in the freezer and take it out before it freezes, so it’s all frosty on the green glass. And then I walk to this special hook on the wall, that’s where the opener lives, the top hollow of the clover slots in there good, then I go back to the frosty bottle and snap it open.


05 Iris Hantverk nail brush // $19

O: For over one hundred years Iris has employed the visually impaired to hand make these brushes. The tenderness within this knowledge envelops me.

R: I wash my hands before I go to sleep. There is this feeling I love, I call it being situated. Like when every thing is in its right place, like when you’re clean and your shoes laces are done up tight. I want this feeling all the time, so I scrub my hands, fingers and nails before I get into bed.


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Big love to Ryder and Ophelia for sharing! xx

Photo of the couple in their studio in Tairua by Yasmine Ganley.