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Reverse Umbrella

Living in Auckland with its notoriously fickle weather, we are serious about our rain protection! Thus Everyday Needs is happy to bring you this patented umbrella technology, a reverse engineered umbrella that opens inside out.

This unique reversology (we invented this word – hope you like it) leaves the wet side of the canopy contained on the inside of the umbrella when closed. It is therefore dry to handle and can be placed on surfaces without them getting wet. This is especially useful when getting in and out of your car in the rain! The reverse umbrella fits into the smallest gap of a car door, whilst remaining dry. Any residual water can be retained within the canopy until it is convenient to shake out and allow it to dry.

The Reverse Umbrella is easy to open and close in confined spaces. The best way to open is by holding it up vertically and as the umbrella opens up and over the user, it avoids the danger of poking anyone the eye; perfect for crowded situations. Using aeroelastic technology with unique movable tips and a tensioning system, the umbrella is optimised for performing well in the wind. In the unlikely event that the Reverse Umbrella is blown inside out, it can be restored back to it original shape by the touch of a button. 

We love this system as not only is it clever, but the design is not gimmicky and the umbrella is incredibly well made. You will never go back!

Click here to watch the Reverse Umbrella in motion.

$109.00 NZD


104cm diameter canopy, 92cm long, weight 620g

The double canopy means extra strength and protection, made from woven high quality, heat-treated fabric with a high performance waterproof and water repellent coating as well as reinforced seams. The frame is made from a square, high quality anodised aluminium shaft, with fibreglass and carbon fibre spokes. 


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