My Grandfather's Tree My Grandfather's Tree

My Grandfather's Tree
By Max Lamb

"This book is dedicated to my grandpa, who taught me resourcefulness and showed me how to work hard. Thank you." - Max Lamb. Book about Max Lamb's most recent work "My Grandfather's Tree". The show included various shapes and sizes of logs arranged in rows along the length of the gallery at Somerset House. Each was taken from the same 187-year-old ash tree, which had grown at Lamb's grandfather's farm in Yorkshire, England, but had to be cut down in 2008. Lamb's grandfather planned to use the tree for firewood, but Lamb requested that he preserved the wood. "He said 'if you cut the tree down, you can deal with it'," said the designer. With the help of a friend, Lamb cut the tree into chunks before chopping it further into 131 smaller logs. The pieces have been drying for seven years, but were finally sanded down and oiled to bring them to their current state for the installation. "Wood, if treated well, lasts for a very long time," said Lamb. "But often it loses its origin. I wanted to use this material but try and maintain as much of the identity of the tree as possible." This book documents the process in its entirety and includes beautiful imagery and writing. Designed by Åbäke and published by Dent de Leone in 2015.

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