Light Towel Light Towel Light Towel

Light Towel

A generously sized pure cotton towel in a loose speckled weave. Compact, light, easy drying and highly absorbent; perfect for the beach, pool or the warmer seasons at home. Do not let the name deceive you, these towels can be used year round. Woven on antique looms and individually manufactured with a true selvedge and eyelash fringing. It's bath sheet size means it is great for spreading out and relaxing on. Made from 100% cotton that is grown in South Africa. Made in South Africa.

Mungo is a family company which was founded in 1998 by Master Weaver Stuart Holding. Based in the seaside town of Plettenberg Bay in South Africa and housed in the historical homestead of Old Nick Village. Here all of Mungo's sampling is done on antique 19th century Hattersley looms in their own Working Weaving Museum. Other fabrics are woven in a boutique weavery close by which employs and empowers the local community. Ethical trading and integrity underpins Mungo's philosophy; they are particular about sourcing quality natural fibres, do not mass produce and all fabrics are constructed to last. Mungo is a unique textile company with the rare ability to create fabrics from the inception of design to the final product. This ensures all of their products are ethical and to a high quality standard from start to finish.

$85.00 NZD