Hinoki Bath Tea Hinoki Bath Tea

Hinoki Bath Tea

A beautiful tea bag for your bath! This scented sachet will scent your bath, and can be re-used over and over. Fill your bathroom with the beautiful and calming scent of Hinoki. The woody smell of Hinoki is synonymous with bathing in Japan, as many bath house goods - including the spas themselves - are made from the locally grown timber. Hinoki is antibacterial and resistant to mould, as well as producing a lovely scent when wet. The natural oils are beneficial to skin and hair. Made in Japan. Contains: Hinoki leaf oil, Hinoki wood chips and flakes.

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Our new range of Hinoki bathroom products are made by Tosaryu in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. The area is renowned for planting high quality Hinoki or Japanese Cypress trees. Hinoki wood is prized in Japan for it's many positive properties and its appealing scent. Tosaryu's craftsmen use the local Hinoki timber - which is a natural bi-product of forest thinning - to produce beautiful bath and kitchen wares. Their goal is to produce functional, well designed and eco-friendly products.

$35.00 NZD