Double Walled Cup

Double Walled Cup

An amazing piece of craftsmanship by Gidon Bing, this ceramic cup has a clever twin wall design, which is insulating for hot drinks and gentle on hands. Has to be seen to be believed! Moulded, handcrafted and refined using traditional sculpting techniques, from pure white China Clay from Matauri Bay, NZ. Gidon's ceramics are finely finished with a satin, lustre French khaki glaze. Handmade in New Zealand.

Also available in French Khaki.

Gidon Bing is an Auckland-based sculptor working with wood, ceramics and metal. He is influenced by individuals and smaller movements within the Avant Guard and Modernist movements: the abstraction and strong asymmetry of Rietveld of the De Stijl; the concrete-art of Dadaism; Malevich’s supremacy of pure artistic feeling; and the essentialist ideals of Brancusi. Bing’s process has been honed through working with master artisans locally and internationally, from whom he has learned traditional techniques designed to exact from each material its own unique expression.

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$55.00 NZD