Bennetts Chocolate Bar

Bennetts Chocolate Bar
Mangawhai Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate

A bar of Bennetts' decadent 53% dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt hand-harvested from Mangawhai beach. It's simply divine. Gluten free with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Palm oil free. 60g. Made in New Zealand.

Other flavours available.

Bennetts is family owned and run, made in Mangawhai Village, New Zealand; where the company has become an intrinsic part of the local community. Bennetts use fresh, local ingredients to create their award-winning product. Their French - inspired style of making chocolates involves a true labour of love; first make a slab of ganache, this is then cut into small pieces which is then "enrobed" with a thin layer of chocolate and finally decorated by hand. For Bennetts, the use of fresh, local, spray-free ingredients and the inclusion of local tradesmen and suppliers are central ideals. Locally grown ingredients, rare NZ flavours and a focus on hand crafted quality, place Bennetts on its own unique stage well away from mass production.


$5.00 NZD