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The Edit:
Yasuji Hisai

If you've been to Coffee Pen, you'll be familiar with Yas, who together with his wife Fumi - make their own food, roast their own coffee beans with long time friends 'Be Specialty,' and every so often hold small events for their community of friends.

Coffee Pen functions as a third place - outside of the house or the workplace where people can gather, laugh, plan, talk or think. Prior to this, Yas was a freelance designer for cafes in Japan, organising music events and art shows. A seemingly small concept - initially penned on paper has now evolved into what we now know as Coffee Pen, a rather essential and beautiful part of the Auckland landscape.

We chat to Yas about his favourite Everyday Needs pieces, what he uses in his own home and he shares Pen's honey, lemon & thyme cheesecake recipe.

1. Arnoldino Stool

Simple, light and stackable.

2. Handmade Corner Spatula

My wife Fumi and I use Petley products at home. Good, simple design and very useful.

3. Folded Metal Bookends

Love the colours and very simple design. We use them for our art and cooking books, CDs and records.

4. Japanese Beer Glass Gift Set

I love beer with this glass because the glass is very thin and the makes beer very smooth.

5. Kamenoko Tawashi Cleaning Brush.

Lasts a long time and is a kitchen essential.

Arnoldino Stool
Handmade Corner Spatula
Folded Metal Bookends
Japanese Beer Glass Gift Set
Kamenoko Tawashi Cleaning Brush

The Edit:
Tim Melville

We asked local gallerist Tim Melville (Te Arawa, Te Atiawa) to choose his top 5 Everyday Needs items. Tim returned to Aotearoa in 2005 after 20 years in London. While there he completed a career-changing Art History degree and opened his Auckland gallery in 2007..

He is probably best known for his representation of emerging New Zealand artists, but his project has also introduced artists from Australian Aboriginal communities to New Zealand collectors and curators. He sees resonance in shared attitudes toward ‘country' in Australia and whenua in Aotearoa and he is interested in exploring their meeting points.

As one of the few Maori gallerists in the commercial art world Tim feels a particular responsibility to translate the values imbued within indigenous artwork for his gallery's predominantly European audience of friends and supporters. This kaupapa is supported by a business model whose integral values include aroha and manaakitanga.

Until recently Tim was a member of Haerewa, the Maori Advisory Group at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. He has also served as a Trustee of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation. He is currently a member of the Board of Tustees for the Wairau Maori Art Gallery which is located in Whangarei's Hundertwasser Art Centre and is scheduled to open in December 2021.


1. Folded Metal Bookends

There are floor-to ceiling bookshelves behind my desk at the gallery. They’re simple library shelves made by Dexion..folded metal, inexpensive, sturdy-as … and these bookends are a perfect match. The colour range is great too.

2. Rush Table Mat

When I was living in the UK I coveted the bulrush matting that you’d see in smart flats and Country Houses. It always looked so rustic and warm and welcoming. Rush matting is impossible to find here but these tablemats are a nice consolation. There's a sprig of dried bulrush flowers sewn into each one..

3. Recycled Sari Ribbon

When gallery clients need an artwork to be gift-wrapped we use brown paper but we let them choose a wildly-coloured sari ribbon and it never fails to delight.

4. Glass Teapot

We keep a few of these in the gallery kitchen for guests. My colleague Olivia notices when we’re settled on the sofa and comes in to offer tea. There’s something unexpected and really very nice about being offered your own individual teapot, especially when it’s a beautiful glass one like this.

5. Nanette Cameron: Interior Design Legend

I grew up in Pakuranga in the 70s when it was a brand-new subdivision. Some of the kids at school knew about Nanette Cameron’s (now-legendary) house in Glenmore Rd with its super-modern interior design and its amazing swimming pool. I was never lucky enough to visit, but not long after I opened my gallery in the mid-2000s Nanette visited me. I was slightly star-struck, but as well as having a gimlet eye for style and an unrelenting curiosity she’s one of the kindest and warmest people you could hope to meet.

Folded Metal Bookends
Rush Table Mat
Recycled Sari Ribbon
Glass Teapot
Nanette Cameron: Interior Design Legend

The Edit:
Kristen and Alex Lindesay

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we caught up with creative couple Kristen and Alex Lindesay.

Kristen is one half of independent eyewear label auór, founded with dear friend Claire De Luca in the summer of 2018. Auór is built on Kristen & Claire’s personal philosophies of honesty, quality, ethics and an appreciation for good design that is long lasting.

Alex works across television and film and is passionate about analogue photography. He has taken much of auór’s campaign imagery over the years but his ultimate subject is the landscape and loves exploring rugged, isolated places with camera in hand.

Alex and Kristen have been together for fifteen years and moved to Auckland from Sydney with their son Remy at the start of 2020. They’ve been in Titirangi ever since, enjoying being close to nature and amongst a lovely community.


1. Bird Silo

Alex - Our home is surrounded by trees and we have been enjoying getting to know all of the native birds that come to visit them. I can picture the bird silo perfectly in our garden, inviting the local Tui, Kererū and the occasional Kingfisher to visit more often.

2. Rosetta Sunglasses

Kristen - I don’t go anywhere without sunglasses and the auór Rosetta frame has been a favourite of mine this summer. I generally can’t go past the classic tort and I love its petite shape and nod to the 50s.

3. Dariwallah Stripe Bag

Kristen - I love India and these bags transport me straight to their chaotic bustling markets with all the heady scents and bursts of colour. I love the joyful colour combinations and they are such a useful carryall for summer days when we visit our favourite Auckland beaches with our son.

4. Forest Lantern

Alex - Over summer we have been exploring the North Island on camping trips in our little camper-van. On some of these trips we’ve borrowed a camping gas lamp off our neighbours, but this would be a great one to own!

5. Ildhane Cast Iron Candle Holder

Kristen - This Ildhane Cast Iron Candlestick Holder reminds me of my childhood friend’s Swedish Grandad and the typical Scandinavian trinkets he would have about, particularly around Christmas. I have developed a fairly decent candlestick holder obsession lately and this one would make a sweet addition to the little collection I have started.

Bird Silo
Rosetta Sunglasses
Dariwallah Stripe Bag
Forest Lantern
Ildhane Cast Iron Candlestick Holder

The Edit:
Finn Godbolt

Finn is a knitting technician and textile artist based in Auckland, New Zealand - and is also one of the team members of our Ponsonby store.

Finn has an obsession with all things wool which lead him to developing his own knitted merino blankets for Everyday Needs, all made and hand-finished by him just down the road.

As well as working at Everyday Needs, Finn is passionate about local textile production. He is currently working at AUT on projects that intend to enhance and support the NZ wool and textile industry.


1.Misma Anaru Ceramic Utensil Holder

This little object is both beautiful and incredibly practical. I love that they are all locally made by the talented hands of Misma Anaru, so each piece has its own feel. I use mine to hold my collection of incense (most of which are from Everyday Needs), but I’m always finding myself finding different uses for it.

2.Golden Pavilion Incense

Speaking of incense, these are my go-to when I need to wind down. I’m a huge fan of all of the Shoyeido Incense, and any scent with benzoin or sandalwood usually has my full attention, but the lightness and warmth of the Golden Pavillon incense is the perfect way to start and end a day.

3. Maryse Manuka Leaf Exfoliating Polish

As someone with really sensitive skin, I’ve always struggled to find skincare products that work. All of the products made by Maryse are incredible. They smell great and have the most natural ingredient list I’ve ever seen - however Manuka Exfoliator is something else! You don’t need to use much of this magical powder to feel super refreshed. Half a teaspoon or less mixed with water or some of your favourite cleanser and its the best exfoliator you’ll ever use.

4.Light Summer Towel

I’m always on the look out for colourful and well made materials, so the Mungo range of towels have to be a favourite Everyday Needs item of mine. Made in South Africa, these Mungo towels come in the best array of colours - and the heavy-weight cotton weave makes them both quick trying and super hard wearing. Investing in one of these for summer is a must.

5.Cast Iron Bottle Opener

You can transform the most basic of beers into a craft beer experience with this cast iron bottle opener made in Japan. The simple range of designs and quality of materials make it the only beer bottle opener you’ll ever need to own. It will have you offering to open everyones drinks for them!

Ceramic Utensil Holder
Incense // Golden Pavilion
Light Summer Towel
Maryse Manuka Leaf Exfoliating Polish
Cast Iron Bottle Opener

The Edit:
Ali Johnson

We spoke to visual artist and complementary health practitioner Ali Johnson this week about her favourite everyday needs pieces. Ali founded Sphaera in 2015. At its core, Sphaera is a studio practice and an approach to making that is both intuitive and thoughtfully researched, a conceptual response to rituals around self-care and cleansing.

Ali comes from a family of artists and makers and grew up with her four siblings in a small town in rural Australia where textiles, ceramics, writing and the natural environment were part of everyday life and creative expression.

Sphaera offers simple, utilitarian objects for everyday use with accessible depth and purpose combining Ali’s arts and natural health care background with a fascination and commitment to the possibilities offered up by new approaches to cosmetic chemistry, bathing and skincare products.

Ali lives in Te Whanganui-a-Tara with her husband and two sons.


1. Stanley Thermos

I gave this as a gift to my partner for our camping trips. They work so well and last forever. It is the same style as the battered one my grandparents owned on our farm and it evokes wonderful memories for me of cups of tea with too much condensed milk and early morning light in the Australian Outback.

2. Pocket Measuring Tape

One of my favourite little tools. It has a satisfying weight in your hand despite being so small. I always have it in my pocket or my bag and I use it often when considering a new addition to our offering, or communicating an element of print or packaging design or requirements.

3. Belgian Linen Striped Tea Towel // Waikiki Green

Lovely things for the hand and the eye to have in the kitchen. These have a generous size and weight and they soften and get even better with use. I love everyday objects that age with grace. These are useful and special enough to gift.

4. Ruth Castle // Garlic Basket

One day I will be lucky enough to own one of these special pieces for my own kitchen. Ruth Castles work really speaks to me, the form of these baskets evokes something ancient and pleasing. I also hope it would remind me to plant the garlic bulbs on time for once at least.

5. Ceramic Soap Dish

When we first saw Misma’s ceramic work via a fleeting IG story a few years ago we took a screenshot and wondered if a square soap dish in the picture might have encountered one of our soap bars along the way. It turned out that Misma had built this beautiful object around one of our bars and we have been so lucky to be able to get to know her and her work through this moment of perfect synchronicity. A good soap dish is hard to find and so this is a treasure. Misma’s work is so refined and sits beautifully in so many different spaces and styles. A small piece of art in its own right, as well as being very useful.

Stainless Steel Thermos
Pocket Measuring Tape
Belgian Linen Tea Towel // Stripe
Ruth Castle Garlic Basket
Ceramic Soap Dish // Rectangle

The Edit:
Turumeke Harrington

We spoke to Turumeke Harrington this week about her 5 favourite everyday needs pieces. Turumeke Harrington is a Ngāi Tahu artist living in Wellington. She grew up in Christchurch and Rotorua, studied industrial design at Victoria, Fine Arts at Canterbury and Shoemaking at RMIT in Melbourne and is currently working towards a Masters in Fine Arts at Massey.

Working across sculpture and installation, Turumeke's work is characterised by bold colours and references to domestic forms and materials. Sitting somewhere between art and design she is currently interested in exploring how objects, material and colour can express, challenge and pursue mātauranga Māori through their composition. Inspired to make work that is generous to its audience while occasionally tripping them up, a lot of consideration is given to making art accessible both physically and conceptually.

Much of Turumeke's mahi is driven by a desire to engage her young daughter, Pia, in making, understanding and challenging contemporary art practice believing that you don't have to compromise concept and quality for children to be able to take meaning from it also.

Much of Turumeke's mahi is driven by a desire to engage her young daughter, Pia, in making, understanding and challenging contemporary art practice believing that you don't have to compromise concept and quality for children to be able to take meaning from it also.

She is currently showing at Objectspace and RM Gallery, and has upcoming shows at Corban Estate, (Auckland) and Toi Pōneke, (Wellington).

1. Martino Gamper Arnoldino Stool // Bright Green

Everyone loves these stools, right? I have enjoyed watching them become a classic piece of furniture design history, and am excited to see they've come out in small! We've just moved into this awesome modern barn open plan kind of house and I'm scheming how many of these I might be able to fit in alongside all the furniture I have designed.

2. AM Kettle

When I was pregnant with Pia we went to Japan and I bought one of these kettles as a souvenir in a forest green. It is awesome and has been and has lived with me in Melbourne, Lyttelton and now Wellington. It was unfortunately left on the element by accident once so it's a wee bit warped but still works fine. Something about the Japanese design sensibility, it just looks great, it doesn't leak when you pour and it doesn't take up bench space. Love it..

3. Matsimaru Finnish Clogs// White

When I was studying shoemaking I was trying to figure out how I might be able to earn money so, quite pregnant, I ran a couple of clog making workshops in Melbourne. There's this old guy called Bruce over there who is probably the only manufacturer and supplier of shoe lasts (the forms you construct shoes around) in the Asia/Australia/Pacific region. I toured his factory quite a few times and when I was over there they were just starting up CNC milling so they could do all sorts more custom work. Clogs are great! I am also an avid collector of Birkenstock clogs (seven pairs now?). I like to imagine these white ones with a beautiful bright green suit.

4.  Bedside Carafe with Glass

I've become a kind of collector of functional vessels. It started when I was about 16, scouring op shops for Colour Glaze era Crown Lynn (always in pairs). A couple of years ago my ma gave me a Paul Maseyk mug (so I bought another, pair), and now we also have a pair of Laurie Steer's mugs, Keith Grinter's glasses, some Paul Melser and an incredible full dinner and tumbler set from Tatyanna Meharry. This beside carafe would sit pretty happily amongst these odd friends, and might stop my partner hoarding all the soda stream bottles?

5. Companion x EDN Baby Lawn Lounge Hat // Blue

When I was 16 and studying at Victoria I also washed dishes for years at Fidels. Will, who runs Companion with his partner, worked there at the same time. It's really cool to see work by people you've known over the years, and these hats are gorgeous. I think Pia would love one (though I think as of a week ago we've moved on from pink to turquoise). We also have another of Companion's products, a side table/ stool, that comes in handy when we have guests. I bought that as a kind of welcome home present to us when we moved to Wellington at the start of last year.

Arnoldino Stool
Mitsumaru Finnish Clogs // White
Bedside Carafe with Glass
Companion x EDN Baby Lawn Lounge Hat

The Edit:
Kate Small

Painter Kate Small’s new exhibition, ‘Welcome to Holland’ was due to open at Anna Miles Gallery two days after lockdown... so for now the paintings can be seen online only.

Anna caught up with Kate at her Masterton home where she is currently teaching Wairarapa College art students via Zoom. 

Kate’s paintings bring together her fascination with colour and an unusual level of feeling for the ordinary rituals of domestic life. It was as a student at Elam School of Fine Arts that her lush form of abstract expressionism first became populated. There were two key sources for the original figures in the paintings — Eadweard Muybridge’s C19th photographic studies of figures carrying buckets and brooms, and 1960s Jantzen tog advertisements.  Some things never change — 30 years on and the tog-wearing inhabitants of Kate's ‘Welcome to Holland’ paintings are still accessorised by the accoutrements of housework (mops, rakes, vacuum cleaners and the occasional front loading washing machine). 

Kate was delighted to find the Everyday Needs site has a whole section devoted to ‘Housekeeping’. A number of colourful and utilitarian items soon caught her eye. If a grey dustpan turns up in a Kate Small painting, you’ll know where it came from.

1. New Zealand Crayons

This packet of stripes is hard to resist. My first thought was what more could you want than a set of Te Reo crayons.

2.  Companion x EDN Lawn Lounge Hat

I like the fact that this hat is called ‘lounge'. It is a very nice shade of pink with a generous brim perfect for a Masterton summer.

3. Stainless Steel Thermos

I have a soft spot for sturdy Stanley. At art school and ever since I seem to have had a Stanley knife permanently in my pocket. At school my students think its amazing I’m so fast at sharpening pencils and chopping paper . . . It’s all due to Stanley in my pocket.

4. Belgian Linen Tea Towel // Check

Being woven, the checks of this tea towel look ‘layered'. The grid has that slightly transparent quality I’m always aiming for when layering paint.

5. Dustpan and Brush Set 

There is something very attractive to me about the Iris Hantverk Dustpan and Brush set. What a beautiful grey they have produced.

New Zealand Crayons
Companion x EDN Lawn Lounge Hat
Stainless Steel Thermos
Belgian Linen Tea Towel // Check
Dustpan and Brush Set

The Edit:
Gabrielle Stoddard

This week we chatted to our friend and collaborator, Auckland-based artist Gabrielle Stoddard about her favourite everyday needs items. Gabrielle's multidisciplinary practise includes mediums of photography, printmaking and textiles. She appreciates craft and products by makers who share similar values to both her and everyday needs. We recently collaborated with Gabrielle to make our exclusive T Totes in a soft cotton and linen blended yarn. These are a great little bag to take grocery shopping or for putting your everyday items in.

1. Sweet Almond, French Clay Sphaera Soap

A kind gift turning into many repurchases. The most delicious product to share in the bathroom, always enjoyed by those who visit. I truly adore Sphaera soaps inside and out, I love watching the soap bar mold in my hand while it's under hot water and how it changes in form from its start to end.

2.  Arnold Circus Stool

The most practical piece of furniture I have ever owned. I have one living in my bedroom as a stand for my anglepoise lamp, one at the dining table and the other for anytime I need a laundry basket, footstool or for a pile of books I have no idea where to put.

3. Delfonics Ballpoint Pen

I have always loved stationery, from a very young age I was that kid who always had one favourite brand of pen and a pencil case I had searched all school holidays until I found the perfect one. You will find one of these Delfonics ballpoints in my current pen collection and I can vouch for its simplicity and loveliness.

4. Penny Sage X Sphaera Laundry Bar

Everyday rituals and self care moments are always fostered when using this gorgeous soap bar. I try to attend to my delicate laundry basket at a quiet time on the weekend where I enjoy dissolving thin shavings of the bar into a bucket to gently wash all my gentle fabrics. Sphaera laundry bars are also the only product I use to wash my T Totes.

5. Ruth Castle Star Dish

The delicacy of these Woven dishes are so fascinating to me. I love enjoying my breakfast in the morning catching a glimpse at the soft shadows it creates on the wall. Ruth Castles weaving speaks to my interest in tactility and gesture along with craft.

Sphaera Soap
Arnold Circus Stool
Delfonics Ballpoint Pen
Penny Sage x Sphaera Laundry Bar
Ruth Castle Woven Dish // Star

The Edit:
Natalie & Bridget

In celebration of Valentine's Day we caught up with one of our favourite couples (and everyday needs regulars) Natalie & Bridget.

Natalie is the Auckland Manager at Coffee Supreme and Bridget is the Operations Manager at Almighty. Suffice to say, there is never a shortage of nice beverages at their place. They live in a light-filled flat in Royal Oak, which is filled with a beautiful selection of EDN products that they have collected over the years. We love that each addition to their home is well considered in both form and function, creating a stylish but cosy space filled with memories and keepsakes.

1. Ildhane Cast Iron Candlestick Holder

A beautiful gift from Bridget for my birthday, this sits pride of place at our dinner table. We love the permanent material and simple design of this piece. Our family and friendships are anchored around entertaining and the sharing of meals. We love how candlelight encourages the warmth of great conversation and intimacy over a good or average glass of wine.

2. Penny Sage x Sphaera Laundry Bar

N: Sphaera soaps are amazing and a true delight to use. The laundry soap, in particular, is a fantastic product and has saved our clothing from the countless marks and stains that come with day to day life, cooking and raising a child. It’s fantastic on delicates but is also an effective stain remover. 12/10, will buy forever.

3. Eclipse Brass Bottle Opener

B: My go-to house warming gift. It will be enjoyed regularly, doesn't take up too much space in the home, is beautiful if left on the bench and feels delicious in your hand.

4. Dariwallah Stripe Bag

N: These bags are beautiful, durable and functional. I was gifted one a few years ago by my good friend Mallory. I love the colourways that these useful bags come in. They are fantastic for beach trips, overnight trips, and forever holding ironing piles.

5. Everyday Tee

B: I wear these...everyday. For such a staple, a good tee is incredibly hard to find. Even harder if you happen to have hips. Soft cotton and a great cut have made these a daily habit.

Ildhane Cast Iron Candlestick Holder
Penny Sage x Sphaera Laundry Bar
Brass Bottle Opener
Dariwallah Stripe Bag
Everyday Tee // Womens

The Edit:
Emma Badeia

Captivated by the alchemy of earth to fire to stone, Raglan based artist Emma Badeia seeks to honour and elevate this simplicity through her ceramic practice – offering an intentional place for it in our day to day. Through the dedicated development of her craft and influential encounters in both New Zealand and Indonesia, Emma has accumulated a rich and diverse ceramics education. With attention to tactile forms, spontaneous surfaces and organic firing techniques, her pieces are designed to lead an existence that doesn’t stray too far from their humble beginnings. A fascination for the ever-engaging dialogue between artist and practice ensures Emma’s continual exploration in what seems will be a life long affair with earth and fire. We are very lucky to have Emma's wonderfully organic ceramics as a part of our offering at Everyday Needs. 

1. Mitsumaru Finnish Clogs

I’ve never been a high heel kinda gal but these are a fantastic alternative for when I feel like I want to take things to the next level. Their beautifully simple design is also incredibly ergonomic and comfortable, making them an all-terrain solution from work to play.

2. Cherry Blossom Japanese incense

My days are scattered with rituals and lighting incense is one of them. The Cherry Blossom fragrance is my favourite and was a cherished addition to my pack on some recent overseas journeys - creating the space to ground and centre in unfamiliar territory. 

3. Kawakawa Healing Balm

I love my hardworking hands and after a long day in the studio nothing says so better than some TLC from native botanicals.

4. Enamel Drip Kettle

There's something curiously comforting about a stovetop kettle and the long spout on this design offers further craftsmanship to my Chemex brews - perfect for those slow, lingering mornings at home. 

5. Steel Hip Roof Toolbox

This is one of my favourite studio companions - providing a sense of transience with its portability and sometimes even some order to my workbench. Its durability leads me to believe that it will be with me for quite some time and I like to think about all of the stories it will one day be able to tell.

Mitsumaru Finnish Clogs // Double Black
Incense // Cherry Blossoms
Kawakawa Healing Balm
Enamel Drip Kettle
Steel Toolbox // Hip Roof

The Edit:
Brett Band

Brett Band is the local designer behind Paceracer, a recent addition to everyday needs. Brett's mother was a dressmaker, and his father a bridge engineer, which explains the wonderful balance between detail and robustness in his watches. After studying Industrial Design and Sustainability at AUT and designing for a number of NZ brands, Brett became interested in traditional watches due to his curiosity in how they are constructed. His attention to detail and the personal finishing of his timepieces make them truly special.

1.  New Zealand Crayons

I have a 2-year-old niece these were a perfect Kiwiana gift for. She was born in Amsterdam and is Kiwi, Dutch and Italian. I sent them for Christmas last year for her to get a head start on practising her signature.

2. Norwegian Lambswool Blanket // Mikkel

My couch at home is pretty simple with a wooden frame and cushions, quite vintage. Every time I scroll through the website I stop on this blanket, the bold block colours are pretty appetizing. Even the stitching and branding make it irresistible. It would be good to see it on my couch.

3. Interior Portraits

I've always enjoyed flicking through images of interiors - who doesn't really? I've got an interiors Pinterest folder I look at once every three years but seem to save dreamy interiors into it on a weekly basis. So it's a book for the coffee table. Maybe it'd go well with the Mikkel blanket.

4. Opinel Essential Knives

Opinel knives are so crisp and good to cut all sorts of things with. I'd like to add these to my collection. A friend of mine and I like Opinel so much we once bought twenty of them and split the deal.

5. HAY Palissade Stool

The small details of this stool I think are what makes it look good as an overall object. The feet are pressed out to a bevelled shape just at the ends - just enough, and this catches the light really nicely, as well as encapsulate the subtle trim of the wider rubber grommet feet at the same time. The top of the seat sits just below the two frames on the outside, a cool little detail to keep the hips in place. Not to mention the balance of the palisades, they have nice bends, and the spacing between looks comfortable. Where they intersect into the tubular frame, its just done well, a clean weld. Quality. They even match the top curve of the outside bends of the tube. After all that, the weight of it just makes you appreciate its robustness. My workshop needs a Palisade stool.

New Zealand Crayons
Opinel Essential Knives // Set 4
Interior Portraits

The Edit:
Kim Paton

We asked director of Objectspace Kim Paton to share her favourite Everyday Needs pieces with us. The Everyday Needs team enjoy catching up with Kim at events run by Objectspace, NZ's leading public gallery decicated to craft, design and architecture. Kim was the driving force behind the development of Objectspace's wonderful new space in Ponsonby. Kim has curated and written extensively on craft and contemporary art and holds a First-Class Honours degree in Sculpture and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management.

1.  Ruth Castle Fruit Dish

The Woven Dish (fish basket technique) is my favourite of Ruth Castle’s works, I love its incredible simplicity. It beautifully articulates the negotiation between the maker and her materials. A survey of Ruth’s work was the first exhibition scheduled to open at Objectspace a fortnight after I took over the position of Director. Her work taught me a lot very quickly about craft in New Zealand. Craft historian Damian Skinner describes Castle’s practice as one that embodies a radical demonstration of the maker’s belief in the agency of her materials. I love the idea that the materials Ruth selects have their own force - what Ruth does is as much to understand what the material wants to do, as it is to impose her own ideas on the making of each basket.

2.100 Chairs by Martino Gamper

One of my all-time favourite exhibition catalogues. A testament to the simplicity and purity of an idea. It is simple and modest in form and gives you just enough information to be the perfect memento to an extraordinarily good exhibition.

3.Hex-O-Matic Mechanical Pencil

Everyone has a favourite stationary item, don’t they? Mine is a mechanical pencil. I visited Japan for the first time this year and came home with a suitcase full of them. This one is heavy to hold and cool to the touch.

4.Gidon Bing x EDN Stackable Mug

I’m the kind of person that picks a coffee cup for life, one cup that I use every day. It doesn’t matter what else there might be on the shelf, I love the routine and ritual in a single object that I start every day with. Gidon’s short stackable cup is perfect.

5.Taper Rainbow Candles

When I was growing up in Christchurch, my favourite weekend activity was visiting the Arts Centre markets. There was a permanent candle maker in residence, and you could select your colours and have a tapered candle dipped while you waited. I would have given a pair of rainbow tapered candles as a present at every birthday I went to from ages 10 to 15. I love that these are back in my life, a humble handmade object.

Ruth Castle Fruit Dish
Gidon Bing x EDN Stackable Mug
Taper Rainbow Candles