Our good friend Kirsty Cameron is the woman behind ‘Godmother', a brand known for it's cult wool blankets and super cool range of sun hats. Kirsty is a filmmaker and costume designer who has worked on some of New Zealand's most loved films. We are excited to share with you Kirsty's most recent project, The Wool Lover, a digital journal that will pay homage to New Zealand wool with stories from art, craft and fashion, science and technology and cultural history.

This week for The Edit we spoke to Kirsty about the products from our range that are her true Everyday Needs.


01 Deadly Ponies x Everyday Needs laptop case // $105

I’m not very practical and after being too loose with previous laptops I double bag my latest one, and my outer is the laptop wallet EDN has made with Deadly Ponies. For all its good looks, it’s probably not the most beautiful thing in the store but something I can’t do without on a daily level.


02 Hario glass teapot // $69

My brother sends down Vital Force tea from the far north, a delicious mix of homegrown herbs which I make in the Hario glass teapot in differing concoctions. That is when not making kukicha tea, a liquid addiction since doing a macrobiotic cooking course with Bevan Kaan many many moons ago.


03 Japanese incense // $8.50 - $11.50

Living in a house built in the early 70’s, that feels a little like a boat or a playhouse, and with no electronic ventilation, incense is a daily practise. I like the idea that incense improves the vibrations of the place it is burnt in.


03 Olio cutlery set // $249

In the kitchen nothing is more everyday, and in some ways more intimate, than cutlery. We are forever putting it in our mouths and it takes attention to clean it properly. The Olio cutlery set designed by Barber & Osgerby is beautifully simple and ergonomic.


05 Maryse Treatment Balm // $28

I have bought Maryse’s treatment balm for friends and assistants, and everyone has become, like myself, unable to live without it. Not a daily practise but an hourly one.


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Kirsty is photographed at home by Neeve Woodward.

Written by Everyday Needs — August 18, 2016