Our friend Amy Yalland is one half of design studio, Index. Amy and her partner Jonty Valentine are graphic designers specialising in publications. Known for their beautiful work with risograph printing; they often print their work in-house. Amy & Jonty have a work-live space in industrial Henderson which they have renovated themselves. We visited on a rainy afternoon and took some pictures of their Everyday Needs pieces in-situ, click here to view the pictures. We also spoke to Amy about her five favourite pieces from our offering.


01 Ruth Castle garlic basket // $139 - $199
We have our garlic basket hanging by a nail that goes through a hole in the Lundia we use as kitchen shelves. Every time I see it I am happy.


02 Iris Hantverk dish brush // $35
Smells like horse… The long angled shape of the head means it can reach into my tall glasses I use for juice, and get the turmeric stains out. Since we have open shelves in our kitchen, everything is ‘out’ and I don’t have to hide this one like I would a plastic brush.


03 Wooden Doormat with Bristles // $129
Gives great scraping action to get the dirt off the soles of our boffer boots (which I am always wearing). Hardy as, and I like how it introduces timber into our space as soon as you step inside.


04 Iris Handverk toilet brush & roll holder set // $163
A twosome that looks totally natural in our industrial space, on our concrete floor. I love things in pairs. On a practical level too, the brush works far better than ones we’ve used in the past.


05 Reverse Umbrella // $109
My absolute favourite orange. Doesn’t wet the car seats when you have to chuck it inside after a downpour! And when you’re inside it, everything glows…


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Pictures for The Edit and The Everyday by Neeve Woodward.

Written by Everyday Needs — March 29, 2017