Our friend Ambra is a curator of design and an incredible art director. Based in London, Ambra works on interesting projects all over the World. Ambra has shared with us an Edit of her favourite pieces from our range. "The following truly are my everyday-needs!"


01 Mungo Willow Weave bath towel // $65 These gorgeous towels made by a family business in South African are simply awesome! They’re perfectly absorbent and don’t occupy a ridiculous amount of space in the washing machine. Both practical and beautiful!

02 Sea Salt Soap // $18.50 This sea salt soap leaves your hands feeling clean and smells divine! How cool is the packaging? It took me two weeks to throw out the box...

03 Harry's Handknitted cloths // $39 Harry Were is a knitting super star! She makes the most extraordinary jumpers, socks and these small cloths that are my new best friends. As a new mother I find myself wiping down almost everything: my kid, the kitchen table and my jeans.

04 Hario glass teapot // $69 The proportions of this teapot are absolutely delightful and perfect. I drink tea most of the day and making tea for one person in a regular size large teapot can make you feel lonely and wasteful. This teapot is perfect for a little cup for two people or ideal for a single heavy tea drinker.

05 Hotaru Double Bubble Light // $2,150 These lights are pure and friendly. I especially like the massive version, the light is soft like a giant luminous cloud. So friendly!


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Ambra is pictured with her daughter, Rosa.

Written by Everyday Needs — April 29, 2016