Grant Bailey has long been our go-to maker for all custom and one-off furniture pieces. Grant often works alongside Everyday Needs director Katie Lockhart on her interior design projects. He created the much admired peg boards and point of sale unit in our Ponsonby store. We are excited to have some of his beautiful work now available to purchase online. Click here to shop Grant's pieces.

We spoke to Grant about his favourite items from the Everyday Needs offering.


01 Ruth Castle garlic basket // $105 - $150 I like the idea of it being one maker's work. Each one from Ruth's hands to you. An authentic object.

02 Hinoki bathroom stool // $169 I'm a big fan of Japanese family made objects. Perfected generations ago and faithfully reproduced ever since.

03 Ceramic incense holders // $39 To me they are sculptures. And they hold incense!

04 Everyday Needs Colour in Gardener // $60 I'm seriously thinking of painting my Landrover this colour.

05 Handcrafted Modern by Leslie Williamson // $95 It's not just all the great pictures of amazing stuff. It's the personal story of some of my favourite designers and makers. This book came out at a pivotal time for me and helped me realise where I wanted to go with my work.


Click here to shop Grant's Edit.

Featured images are custom cabinet created by Grant for The French Kitchen photographed by Darryl Ward, and Grant's Walnut Box, for sale online. Grant is photographed in his workshop by Neeve Woodward.

Written by Everyday Needs — March 17, 2016