We are happy to introduce our good friend, Maryse, who is an amazing natural beauty specialist. Maryse has created a line of natural skincare products we swear by. We are very excited to now be stocking her eponymous range of cult beauty products in store and online. 

Read Maryse's Edit below and click here to shop MARYSE beauty online.


01 Godmother Stansborough wool blanket // $445

These beautiful wool blankets have been on my wish list for ages. I was lucky enough to be given one by my boyfriend this Christmas. I especially love the different colour combinations of each one - so few of them are the same.

02 Pure beeswax candle in a Weck jar // $23

All through my home and my treatment room I burn these candles, I have dozens. I have always used beeswax candles but these are the strongest yet sweetest honey-smelling ones due to their high concentration of organic wax.

03 Harry's handknitted cloths // $39

These organic handmade cloths are the best! Not only are the colours great, they are machine washable and last forever. No more buying ugly supermarket throw away ones anymore, these are far more eco friendly.

04 Libeco linen tea towel // $39

 I had never invested in good quality tea towels before but these are so worth it. I didn't think there was such a thing as good looking tea towels until now.

05 MARYSE Bio-Nutrient Face Oil // $62

This is one of the hero products from my collection. It's an organic conditioning face oil thats non greasy, absorbent and packed full of vitamin c, omega 3 and nutritive antioxidants. The perfect mid-Summer hydrator. 


Click here to shop Maryse's Edit.


Photograph of Maryse in her garden by Neeve Woodward.

Written by Everyday Needs — January 22, 2016