The Edit is an ongoing feature in which our friends share their personal favourites from the Everyday Needs range. 

The first Edit of the year is an introduction to our lovely new store manager, Lucy. Lucy is a talented artist and has a knack for finding the best vintage clothing. We love her and we know you will too.


01 Ruth Castle woven dishes // $105 - $150

Ruth is so talented and it’s amazing that she’s still so dedicated to making these dishes after 40 years. I have two hanging above my bed at home and it makes me happy to see them every day.


02 Martino Gamper salt and pepper spitz // $225 each

I’ve been coveting these salt and pepper mills for a while now. My favourite thing about them is that each one is different depending on the lines of the woodgrain. I feel that these are an essential item in my life as I am a severe over-user of pepper.


03 Libeco linen duvet cover in Brick Lane floral // $399 - $649

This linen is amazing quality and it has such a satisfying weight to it. Not to mention the Grandma-esque floral print and matching ruffled pillowcases.


04 Ophelia's linen mix baby socks // $28

These socks are such beautiful little objects and the colours Ophelia has used in her new collection are all so pretty.


05 Florentine Rosewater // $32

I use this Rosewater every day and it smells so good! It’s refreshing and perfect for my sensitive skin.


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Written by Everyday Needs — January 15, 2016