Our friend Mary Gaudin is a New Zealand born photographer who lives in Montpellier, France. Mary recently released Down the Long Driveway, a book featuring her beautiful photographs of modernist New Zealand homes. We caught up with Mary on her recent trip back to New Zealand and she shared with us an Edit of her favourite Everyday Needs pieces.

Heath Ceramics stack mug // $57 I brought a couple of these mugs while I was over last year after seeing them in Harriet Were’s kitchen. It’s become a favourite which I use every day. I recently read littala’s ’The Story of a Mug’ which has some great ‘favourite mug’ stories.

Bodha ceramic oil diffuser // $139 An ace Jamie McLellan and Gidon Bing collaboration.

Baguette straw table pan // $49 This would be a good addition to our table for the daily baguette. Most French households seem to just plonk bread on the table and tear off chunks, which is good too.

Ruth Castle garlic basket // $105 - $125 I’m currently coveting one of Ruth Castle’s beautiful garlic baskets after recently seeing her show at Object Space. It would have to be the larger one though, due to the quantities of garlic our place gets through.

Martino Gamper board // $105 This looks way too special for chopping. It would make the perfect cheese board.

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Portrait of Mary by Neeve Woodward.

Written by Everyday Needs — October 30, 2015