World renowned chef Peter Gordon is a New Zealander based in London. Peter has been back in town creating a new menu for one of his Auckland restaurants, The Sugar Club, as well as cooking a dinner for Martin Creed's show opening at the Christchurch Art Gallery. Last week Peter visited us in store to share an edit of his favourite pieces from the Everyday Needs range. 


01 Japanese suribachi and surikogi // $135 I love using this Japanese version of a 'pestle and mortar', with it's ridged insides. I make my gomasio in it - a seasoning of toasted sesame seeds and salt. I’d not seen such a lumpy pestle before but look forward to using it. The ridges make the grinding much more effective.

02 Straw trivet // $49 I have bought 5 of these over the years and love their naturalness - no metal or ceramic to scratch the table as they hold a meat stew.

03 Toast tongs // $13 Seriously, these should be compulsory for those toasties and bagels that just don’t want to pop up. No electric shocks any more!

04 Cabbage harvesting knife // $64 This is new to me - but the diagram on the label made it very clear that this is a specialist tool for separating the brassicas from the soil roots. Marvellous!

05 Handwoven cotton placemats from Argentina // $32.50 each By the time you read this they may no longer be in stock as I bought 10 of them. They’ll look great at home on my Danish wooden table and I look forward to many a dinner party in London Fields.


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Written by Everyday Needs — October 12, 2015