The Edit by Steve Carr

The Edit is a series in which we ask our friends and customers to share their 5 favourite products from the Everyday Needs range. This week we spoke to artist and new Dad, Steve Carr, about the most utilised pieces at his place. 


01 Set of Duralex Gigogne Glasses // $31 - $39
These were the perfect answer when we decided that we needed to de-clutter. They are used daily, for everything from hot coffee to mixing up vinaigrettes.

02 Japanese Beer Glasses // $75
I purchased a set of these hand turned wooden cups during an art residency in Hokkaido, after meeting the designer Hidetoshi Takahashi in his studio. He said it was his goal to try and make them as thin as a possible; like a disposable paper cup.

03 Japanese Kitchen Scissors // $115
Hands down my favourite pair of scissors, ever. They genuinely make me happy every time I use them.

04 Sheepskin Traditional Slippers // $105
We received a pair of baby uggs from a friend. We loved them so much that we now have a family set. They have been a godsend for those early morning wake up calls.

05 Japanese Copper Tea Strainer // $115
Yoshio Tsuji’s skilfully crafted wire netting tea strainer is one of my favourite objects. Excessively beautiful and a pleasure to use.


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Photograph of Steve by Neeve Woodward.

Written by Everyday Needs — September 17, 2015