The Edit by Harriet Were

Our good friend Harriet Were is a talented photographer who shoots exclusively on film; capturing the essence of our products at home on our blog, The Everyday. Harry's passion for the hand crafted has led her to open her own online store, Harry's Handknits. We are excited to be now be stocking her beautiful hand knitted cloths. This week for The Edit we spoke to Harry about her picks from the Everyday Needs offering.  

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Ruth Castle Garlic Basket // $105 - $150
I bought one for my boyfriend Felix one year, and I’m glad I did because I am often on the chopping garlic and onion part of dinner, that’s because I don’t really cook. I really appreciate and love anything hand-made and these are just so good. I love that Ruth still makes them today.


Martino Gamper Pepper Spitz // $220
I was lucky enough to get given this pepper grinder for my birthday from my twin sister, Carter. Now I just have to save up for his wife: the salt grinder. So beautiful and functional. I have admired Martino's work for a while so I'm happy that I will have this forever!


Arnold Circus Stool by Martino Gamper // $230
Have always liked these. And I love how they were designed for Arnold Circus in London. Haven’t got any for home but Carter has some for her shop in Grey Lynn. They are great because they stack, are comfortable and kid/outdoors friendly.


Callie's South Island Soaps // $12.50
My Ma met Callie at a Christmas market in Blenheim, where she bought me some goat milk soap and wool off her. When I went down South in Summer I drove through the Sounds to meet her. She has been spinning wool for me and her soap is great and all natural. She milks her two cows daily, and has a lot of goats. I love it. She uses local natural ingredients. The wool/laundry one is so good for hand washing… especially my hand knits. And the goats milk is nice on my eczema prone skin.


Hand-knitted Cloths // $39
For a long time now I have been getting things hand-knitted for myself. This year I’ve met more knitters and have started my own little business. It’s always amazed me that lots of knots can make a fabric. These cloths are hand knitted in organic cotton and dyed with eco friendly dyes, which makes them great to use in the kitchen. They can be easily washed and used again and again, which saves me having to throw them out.



Written by Everyday Needs — July 29, 2015