Nat Cheshire of Cheshire Architects works alongside his father Pip, and is much admired for his interesting and cutting edge projects. We love the twin cabins (pictured above) that Nat designed in the Kaipara Harbour, which won the 2014 Home of the Year.


This week for The Edit Nat shared with us five of his favourite Everyday Needs pieces.


01 Martino Gamper '100 Chairs' // $40
We all need this book to remind us just how potent and resourceful and cheap the creative imperative ought be. Martino Gamper is the exquisite antidote to excess.

02 Beaten copper tea canister // $132
I wonder if this is the most beautiful thing I own. It could only be Japanese – an organic beaten finish, dark patinated copper, and impossible precision.

03 Stemless wine glasses // $39 pair
The slightly swollen form of these Japanese glasses is almost perfect. They have no flat surface, gain stability as they fill and yet spin like a top. Somehow this is deft enough to seem a kind of genius, not a gimmick. Exquisite.

04 Wooden cooking spoon // $6.50
Ok, it’s just a wooden spoon. But its proportion is everything. And it’s six dollars fifty.

05 Japanese cast iron kettle // $299
I once made a little house based on a cast iron teapot. Such mute heft. This one got snapped up so I keep watching the shop for its replacement. I’m struggling to imagine a better one, but Katie Lockhart has not ever failed me…


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Nat and The Kaipara cabins are photographed by Harriet Were for The Everyday.


Written by Nadia Aftimos — May 26, 2015