Andrew Barber is a painter whose work is well known for transforming a space. This week we visited Andrew at home to talk about some of his most used Everyday Needs pieces, as well as documenting them in situ. 

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#1 Lovisa Wattmann toilet brush // $84 Literally the only toilet brush I've seen on these islands that doesn't look like it should be disposed of after use. And practical too - the Tampico bristles!

#2 Small Japanese bathing stool // $139 All my children have used this around the bathroom to reach the things they couldn't until they grew, probably will have to be destroyed they've used it so much, if I can disinfect it somehow though, it will be a family heirloom passed through the generations.

 #3 Godmother Stansborough wool rug/blanket // $445 My dealers Sarah and Danae gave me this for my birthday last year, it has been everywhere I go since. From the beach, to the television, to under the plum tree, it's there around me.

 #4 Hario glass teapot // $69 Perfect for one. Those nights when the kids have gone to bed, enough for one cup and a top-up. And a beautiful object I feel I don't need to clean up and put away.

 #5 Arnold Circus stools by Martino Gamper // $230 They're a bucket, a step ladder, throw a piece of wood over two and it's a bench next to the fire. They kick around the place and are always used wherever they end up.


Photograph of Andrew by Neeve Woodward.


Written by Nadia Aftimos — March 31, 2015