Everyday Needs is a huge fan of Warwick Freeman’s jewellery and curatorial collaborations with our good friend Karl Fritsch. As soon as we saw Warwick’s door handles crafted from volcanic rock we were in love and are honoured to be able to have these pieces in our store. We visited Warwick's beautiful studio in Devonport and spoke to him about his favourite pieces from the Everyday Needs range.


01 100 Chairs by Martino Gamper // $40

I was visiting London in 2007 and saw an exhibition of Martino Gamper’s hybrid chairs at the London Design Museum. I don’t think there were 100 Chairs at that stage but it was one of those ‘out of nowhere’ moments when you see work by someone that seems to be on their own path. The record of them in a book came later and that cemented the project as a moment so I ordered one. This is the smaller pocket edition but it still faithfully sports the distinctive red stitched binding.


02 Handmade copper grater // $95

An exquisite little thing - the two tone colouring and the graphic created by the raised teeth is so resolved that if I was a jeweller I’d string a cord through it and call it a pendant - oh that’s right I am - well if I was a chef I’d want one - making sure to wear it grater side out of course.


03 Apple Farmer's Basket // $189

Give a basket a job. A basket should always have a name that makes reference to its purpose. This beautiful Japanese bamboo one is made for carrying apples.


04 Olio serving bowl by Barber Osgerby for Royal Doulton // $159

Just another bowl in the endless universe of bowls - the form is lovely but mostly because of the colour - that brown would happily mix in with the other bowls in our cupboard.


05 Pair of Auböck bookends // $416.50

Everyone should know about the 20th Century Austrian designer and maker Carl Auböck. His idiosyncratic, slightly off-centre aesthetic throws a different cast on the more familiar history of European Modernist design. Some of his work has a very literal use of figurative elements - the bookends aren’t so obvious but they have a whiff of that sensibility - book dogs.


Click here to shop Warwick's Edit. Click here to view the photographs of Warwick's studio. Photography by Neeve Woodward.



Volcanic door handles by Warwick Freeman

These unique handles or drawer pulls are crafted from pieces of volcanic rock, found and collected by Warwick on walks along Devonport's beaches. The rocks are carefully selected for their form - gradually worn down by the tides in the Waitematā Harbour - finished only with a light coat of oil it is almost hard to believe they are not purpose built for hands.


Available to purchase in store or email studio@everyday-needs.com for more information.


Written by Everyday Needs — May 19, 2016